Quadrangolo di ferro or “Iron Quadrangle”

At its first edition during the Fisas International Meeting, the Iron Ring ( the proper name is Iron Quadrangle) it is a mixed assault activity against one or more opponents, even with different weapons, with high rhythm and adrenaline.

For participation in the activity it is mandatory to wear the complete passive protection:

Mask, gloves with finger protection and sleeve that reaches up to at least half of the forearm or Fisas approved, fencing jacket, plastron (mandatory) overcoat or under the fencing jacket (the presence will be checked). Inguinal protection for males and Chest Protection for women, knee protection.

The presence of the protections will be checked before the start of the activity.

Additional passive protections are also recommended: neck protection, helbow protection.

Weapons combination Allowed:

  • Longsword
  • Sidesword
  • Sidesword with second weapons ( dagger, Cloak or Buckler)
  • Rapier
  • Rapier with second weapons ( Dagger, Cloak, Buckler)

The weapons must be in order on the edges (no dangerous burrs), the blade will have to flex well and homogeneously to the flexing test and the tip in good condition.

The weapons will be checked before starting the activity.

The attitude voted to do damage to the training partner or the lack of control despite calls received will be penalized with the immediate expulsion from the activity.

At the beginning of the activity a briefing will be done to illustrate the functioning of the work.



“Evolution of the italian sword from the early reinassance to the late XIX sec”

The conference will show, in an organic and coherent progression, the development of the italian civilian weapon in relation to its doctrine of use.

Graig Watson and Iacopo Iacoponi.

FIM 2018

“FIM – FISAS International Meeting” from 1999 is a meeting point for lovers of historical fencing as well as European martial arts.

The Idea behind FIM 2018 is to have a meeting point, unique in its kind, concentrating together in one place gyms, restaurant and hotel. This in order to allow our guests to focus on 4 days of fencing and martial arts at the highest level without having to worry about nothing. Bring just your equipment and your enthusiasm: anything else has been taken care of!

Previously hosted in its historical venue in Verbania, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, FIM finds today a new home in the sporting center “La Ghirada – The city of sports” founded by BENETTON and house of the Italian first-division teams “Benetton Rugby” and “Benetton Basket”.

For more information about the Sports Center “La Ghirada”: www.ghirada.it

The Sports Center “La Ghirada – The city of sports” if you set just outside the city of Treviso; The beautiful capital of the ancient Venetian history, the few kilometers of Venice.

For more information about Treviso: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treviso

WHAT is FIM 2018

FIM is a meeting dedicated to Historical Fencing and European Martial Arts in general.  FIM is a meeting open to everybody, but in order to participate it is necessary to subscribe in advance given that, for organizational reasons, no registration will be accepted during the event.

Anyone intending to participate to FIM 2018 will be required to bring the standard personal protection (fencing mask is mandatory) and, possibly, his/her own swords. lessons.

FIM 2018 will provides limited armory, while stocks last, to allow every participants, to attend a desired workshop.

FIM is also an opportunity for meeting and exchange for enthusiasts and scholars of European Martial Arts, not only for the presence of first-order instructors, but also for the cultural activities that are organized in along with this event such as conferences and Off Meeting events.

The gathering of different schools, different disciplines, in one venue fully equipped with gyms, bar, restaurant and hotel will allows each participant to live an experience unique in its kind.

They are not just training and research to characterize the FIM: the real stars are our guests!

Sporting Center “La Ghirada”

FIM – Fisas International Meeting in 2018 will be hosted by the Sporting Center “La Ghirada – City of Sport.” Located on the outskirts of Treviso, with a total area of 22 hectares, “La Ghirada” was built in 1985 by the Benetton Group and is open to anyone willing to participate in sports and recreational activities.

The center consists of three gyms, six rugby fields (covering 60,000 square meters), football fields, indoor basketball/volleyball courts, a beach volleyball area, a fitness center, a golf course and a swimming pool.

FIM 2018 will take place in 2 of the 3 indoor Basketball courts (point (5) on the map) while lunches and dinners will take place at the restaurant “Fuori Gioco” (paragraph (6) on the map).

The center offers ample parking facilities (point (7) on the map), with over 200 parking spaces.


The partner hotel with FIM 2018 is the “Maggior Consiglio“. Hotel and sporting center are conveniently located 7 minutes walk from La Ghirada and, with ample parking for guests.

Here the pricing for guests:

€ 45.00 + € 35.00 supplement for one guest in a double room: D.U.S. (DOPPIA USO SINGOLO)

€ 45.00 per guest in a TWIN ROOM / DOUBLE ROOM.

€ 40.00 per guest in a TRIPLE ROOM.

IN ORDER TO ACCESS THE DISCOUNT PRICES IT IS REQUIRED TO DOWNLOAD, FILL AND FOWARD THIS FORM TO THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL: events@mctreviso.com (please use this contact for every booking / Hotel question).


The restaurant “Fuori Gioco” (Game Out) located within the sports center “La Ghirada – City of Sport” will host all meals during the days of the meeting.

LUNCHES (10 €)

Lunches are arranged with a sports menu at a reasonable price. There is also an option for vegetarians / vegans. Water included in the price. Lunch ticket available on our online shop or on site at the event.

28-04 “PIZZA SHARE” NIGHT (15€) 

The restaurant will bake random pizzas for every table to be shared all together (beer included).

29-04 “BEER & GRILL” NIGHT (20 €)

For the evening of the 29th we organized a casual dining themed “GRILL & BEER”; quite self-explanatory. However, we have provided options for vegetarians / vegans and abstemious. Water, wine and beer included in the price.

30-04 GALA DINNER (35 €)

Monday, April 30 we will have our own Gala Dinner. Formal dress mandatory. Please remember to report any allergies and/or food preferences in the subscription form. We also planned a special menu for our vegetarian / vegan guests. Water, wine and beer included.

BAR 08AM -> 02AM

Throughout the duration of the FIM the restaurant bar “Fuori Gioco” will be open continuously from eight in the morning until two the next morning.


Outside the restaurant, in front of the impressive expanse of illuminated rugby fields, we have organized a heated smoking area for both dinners of the 29th  and 30th. This in order to give the chance to pipes and cigars  lovers, and smokers in general, to relax between the various courses … and enjoy the final drinks along with their favorite tobacco blend.

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