The Venice Experience

The day before wi kick start FIM 2017 we will hold an “off meeting” event. Led by archaeologist and Maestro d’Armi Alberto Balasso all our guests will have the chance to join us in a tour of the less known streets and canals of Venice. “The Venice Experience” will take place in the early afternoon, of Friday, April 28 and will end with a dinner in Venice.

A Venice Portrait (Video)

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In the afternoon of April the 30th  researchers Michele Vello and Fabrizio Tonin will conduct a conference where they will present the results of new researches on the presence in the area surroundinf the town of Belluno – between the XVI  and  XVII centuries – of different forges dedicated to the production of high quality swords and pole weapons. The request of these weapons was so high that allowed local smiths to achieve, at that time, fame and notoriety throughout Europe. In conjunction with the conference it will be presented a book, available in both Italian and English, which collects the results of these research. The conference will have a simoultaneous translation accomplished by a professional interpreter.