Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani

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Class Category: Close Quarters Combat

Experience Level: Any

Intensity Level: Low to Moderate

Pre-Requisites: None.

Required Equipment: Mask, glove, buckler and long dagger (obviously, a khanjar is preferred).

The khanjar is a curved, double-edged blade, which is held in a reverse position meaning that the tip of the blade is pointing to the elbow. Many Persian manuscripts describe the xanjar as a weapon for short-distance fighting. This dagger was almost always used in combination with a small shield to fight with. The present seminar include the following techniques:

  1. 1)Main techniques for thrusting with the khanjar.
  2. Main cust with the khanjar.
  3. Binding with the shield and attacking with the khanjar (building a bridge)
  4. Shield strikes in combination with dagger strikes.
  5. Khanjar and separ in wrestilng range