Michele Valtorta

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Title: Manage with the Side Sword
How to use the body and the technique to face the two-handed sword
Face an opponent with a two-handed sword armed with Single Side Sword. In the lesson will be defined some advantages and disadvantages of the two weapons, how to use them to create actions that allow the use of the side sword and turn the action in our favor. We will work initially on the walk, on the internal and external parades, on the ligaments and on the presence of the unarmed hand; Especially on the rotations in tight spaces, on the use of the body mechanics to tie the two-handed sword and release the side sword. From basic exercises will develop more complex sequences until you get to a free play in safety.
Born in Monza on 06/30/1972 Since he was a child he has practiced activities such as swimming and running 100-200mt with periods at a competitive level. Become part of FISAS, during the academic year 2005/2006 with Fratres In Enses in Milano , practicing all the 4 weapons of the method.
In the years of practice, the studies were deepened more in the technique of the Side Sword, studies that led him in June 2014 to support and pass the FASAS exam of Side Sword.