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In order to help participants to orient themselves among the many workshops presented during FIM 2017 we decided to group them into four thematic groups.

Participants are not obliged to take part in all the workshops of a group: these groupings are purely for illustrative purposes.

Inscription FIM 2017 grants right to participate to all workshops.

Group I: dedicated to the most ancient weapons (Longsword, spear) and to the arts of combat.

Group II: dedicated to the XVI century weapons (side sword, alone or with a second weapon).

Group III: dedicated to the weapons from the XVII century up to the XIX Century (Rapier, Spanish Rapier and Smallsword ).

Group IV: dedicated to the latest weapons used for the duel in the second half of the nineteenth century (saber)

Each workshop will be repeated twice, this in order to allow our guests to attend as many workshops as possible.